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The benefits of the Pilates method are far-reaching and unparalleled. The Pilates method combines strength and flexibility of the spine, deep breathing and fluid movement to balance and lengthen one’s muscles.  Control, balance, flexibility and strength are addressed in each exercise to optimize the client’s own body awareness and ability. With regular practice one will correct poor posture, decompress joints, minimize neck and shoulder tightness and improve range of motion.


As with any mind-body technique dedication is key. The more you commit yourself the better you will understand the principles and exercises of the Pilates method.

The Pilates method includes exercises on a mat as well as on specially designed pieces of equipment known as the Pilates Apparatuses  (Reformer, Cadillac, Low-Chair and Ladder Barrel). Private sessions offer the best opportunity for the client to focus, learn and in turn access deep physical awareness of their own body. The Pilates principles remain the same yet every body is different. The benefit thus of private sessions is the dynamic combination of the instructor working together with one client to correct and inspire.

Everything takes practice. Everything takes time.

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